Meeting Season

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With that said it may be a little easier this year since it is all VIRTUAL!  Here is a list of opportunities for information and action via webinar and virtual meetings over the coming week:


Salmon Nation‘s Festival of What Works, Nov 15-22. Check out their lineup of events here.


10:00-11:30 AKST UFA webinar series: Seafood Market Update

12:00-1:30 AKST UFA webinar series: What’s the Latest on Ocean Acidification?


10:00-11:30 AKST UFA webinar series: Bycatch Management in North Pacific Groundfish Fisheries

10:00  AKST Expo online: Making Waves: Offshore Wind Power & Commercial Fishing

12:00-1:30 AKST UFA webinar series: Alaska Hatchery Update

3:00-4:30 AKST UFA webinar series: Update on Transboundary Mining Issues


7:30 AM AKST Local Catch Network: Building a future of resilient, community-based seafood systems

12:00-1:30 AKST UFA webinar series:Updates from the USCG

3:00-4:30 AKST UFA webinar series:ADF&G Update

1:00 PM AKST Expo online: Diesel Emissions Reduction Act: Funding Repower Partnerships for Commercial Fishing Businesses


10:00 AM AKST Expo online: Pebble Mine: What’s Next

10:00-11:30 AKST UFA webinar series: Get to Know the Alaska Board of Fisheries Members and Update on BOF Meeting Cycle

10:45 AM AKST Mat-su Salmon Habitat Partnership: MatSu Salmon Symposium:  “conserving salmon in a warming world”

12:00-1:30 AKST UFA webinar series :Pebble Mine and Bristol Bay 2020 Recap

4:00 PM AKST CFBB: Happy Hour with Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay


12:00-1:30 AKST UFA webinar series:Get to Know Your Coastal Legislators


Two other important things to keep on your radar:

December 14th is the deadline for the USDA Seafood Trade Relief Program.  That’s $0.16/LB on your 2019 salmon catch!

ADF&G has released a second draft of its CARES Act Relief for Fisheries Participants Spend Plan. You have until November 15 to comment by email: