Alaskan Fishermen Support Regan Confirmation as EPA Administrator

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March 10th, 2021 

EPA Administrator Regan’s Confirmation a Win For Alaskan Fishermen

Senator Murkowski joins 15 other republicans showing bipartisan support

Juneau, AK: Fishermen statewide support the US Senate action today voting to confirm Michael Regan as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator by a vote of 66 – 34. Regan will have significant influence over federal policy on issues of utmost importance to Alaskan fishermen, especially the proposed Pebble Mine, the future of Bristol Bay region, and federal climate change policy. Fishermen at The Salmon Habitat Information Program (SHIP) supported Regan’s confirmation. SHIP has been working with Alaska Commercial Fishermen for many years to advocate for sustainable fisheries and habitat conservation. According to the Alaska Resource Development Council commercial fishing in Alaska supports more than 16,300 Alaskan jobs and generates more than $2 Billion annually for local communities. 

“Senator Murkowski stepped up for Alaska’s commercial fisheries today with her vote to confirm Michael Regan to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Like many Alaskans, fishermen have had a hard year. Moving forward, it’s crucial we have leaders who understand science and the many environmental threats facing our industry,” said commercial salmon fisherman and SHIP spokesman Tyson Fick.

“One thing you can count on Senator Sullivan for is to put party politics over the needs of Alaska’s commercial fishermen. Aside from his ocean clean-up bill, I have gotten used to him being a reliable vote against the sustainability of our fisheries,” he said. 

The Salmon Habitat Information Program (SHIP) is the Alaskan commercial fishermen’s source for Information and Action on the health of salmon runs we depend on.