The Salmon Habitat Information Program (SHIP) is the Alaskan commercial fishermen’s source for Information and Action on the health of salmon runs we depend on.

Photos by Chris Miller

Our Mission

Develop a broad-based communication network to educate, inform and engage  Alaska’s commercial salmon fishermen, fishing organizations and allied groups relating to protection of Alaska’s salmon habitat. 

Our Purpose 

Educate, Inform and Engage: Educate, inform and engage commercial fishermen, commercial fishing organizations, and other stakeholders on the value of protecting Alaska’s salmon habitat value and issues related to protection of Alaska’s salmon habitat. 

For Alaskan Commercial Fishermen, The Alaska Salmon Habitat Information Program (SHIP) is a go-to source for information on the health of salmon runs you depend on. By working together, we can become powerful advocates for pro-salmon policies and ensure commercial fishing jobs remain strong for generations to come.

The Salmon Habitat Information Program (SHIP) is The Alaska commercial fishermen’s source for Information and Action on the health of salmon runs we depend on. 

Core Values

Responsibility – No fisherman wants to catch the last fish; it’s in the fisherman’s best interest to ensure that there are healthy fish populations in the future. Thus, commercial fishermen have a preeminent interest in the long-term sustainability of Alaska’s fisheries, which requires sound fishery management, intact habitats and ecosystems, fair and equal access, and strong markets. 

Resilience – The only certainty about the future is that it is uncertain – perhaps more than ever before. Thus, the future success of Alaska’s commercial fishermen will require flexibility and adaptability throughout the industry and marketplace. Resilience must also be a priority for fishery and resource management in order to alleviate unnecessary pressures and stress on wild fish populations as they adapt to changes in the marine environment.

Renewability – Alaska’s fisheries offer benefits and jobs for fishermen and local communities year after year, and have for generations. Their renewable nature makes commercial fishing a lifestyle/livelihood that allows for independence, family, and long-term opportunity. They will continue to do so so long as wild fish continue to have access to the things that they need to be productive and sustainable. 

SHIP Program History

Started at United Fishermen of Alaska (UFA) in 2015, SHIP was formed to inform and engage commercial fishermen by sharing habitat, climate, and environmental information in Alaska in a clear and relevant way and ensuring fishermen’s voices were engaged in decisions affecting salmon habitat, fisheries and conservation. After 5 successful years at UFA where the program was incubated, hatched and raised, the program has left it’s natal stream and moved to SalmonState where we’ve seen the program mature into it’s ocean going phase where we hope to build upon the original contributions of hundreds of Alaska fishermen through United Fishermen of Alaska and continue to mature into a recognized program that fishermen know and trust.  

Photos by Chris Miller